About Us

CarInsuRent.com is an innovative service for people and organizations that want to save costs when they use rental vehicles.

Our revolutionary approach gives customers a stress-free experience and helps them save money by avoiding unnecessary insurance fees.

What we offer is a variety of affordable but comprehensive and easy-to-understand insurance policies.

CarInsuRent.com began as a reaction to the questionable practices of rental firms that regularly inflate their fees, charge customers for pre-existing or even non-existent damages, and hide exclusions in their contracts.

With CarInsuRent, you can save almost 50% in your insurance and get coverage for damages car rental firms exclude, such as single- and multi-vehicle accidents and damage to the roof, undercarriage, tyres, windscreen, and bumper.

We work with major insurance firms in the world to offer you a warranty you can use in any country, providing you peace of mind wherever you go.

We’re ready to help you rent a car in the smoothest and most hassle-free way possible. After all, we all want that kind of guarantee, don’t we?