What documents do I need to file my claim?

  1. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance
  2. A copy of the rental agreement
  1. A copy of the police report if:
    • you got in an accident with a third party
    • It is legally mandated in the country of incident
    • your claim is about stolen personal belongings
  1. A copy of the damage report given by the rental company, detailing each cost incurred. Photographs of the damage are optional but may help ensure that the charges are reasonable.
  2. Detailed repair receipts, invoices or other documents showing the breakdown of the amount the rental company charged you for the accidental damage or loss
  3. A copy of your credit card statement that reflects your payment for the claimed damages
  4. A copy of the driver’s licence of the person driving the car during the accident


Inability to provide these documents may cause your claim to be delayed.