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Customers Reviews

Great experience: fast reaction time, high flexibility, good service!
Buying a new insurance contract I made a mistake in my contract starting date thus I needed to contact to the CarInsurent support immediately, asking some modification before my trip. They were flexible with my issue, resolved my problem immediately; thus I could start my trip with a corrected contract, fully stress-free. Based on my experience, their reaction time is fast; furthermore the support team is very kind, helpful and always try to find the best solution. I bought my insurance 2nd time, and still recommend this company for others too if anyone is interested in similar service to be taken. Thank you CarInsurent!

I had a fantastic experience with CarInsurent. Their service was exceptional, and they handled my claim swiftly and efficiently after an accident. Their team was responsive, professional, and caring throughout the process. I highly recommend CarInsurent for anyone in need of car rental insurance.

I read about carinsurent.com on a travel blog that gave them a very warm recommendation. I'm super happy I gave them a try: the service is prompt and friendly. I'll be spreading the good word in my community and will be insuring with them again and again.

Our Benefits


We reimburse your excess

If your hire car is involved in an accident or is stolen while in your care, we will reimburse you for the excess charged by the rental company


We cover damages excluded by others

We cover damages excluded by others – We also reimburse charges billed to you due to damage to the rental car’s windscreen, auto glass, tyres, undercarriage or roof.


All welcome

Not EU or UK resident, not a problem! Non-EU or non-UK residents can also purchase a policy.

Explore the best offers and benefits using our services

  • We cover all nominated drivers
  • Fast Claims
  • We cover single-vehicle accidents
  • Worldwide cover
  • We cover baggage and personal belongings
  • Many vehicle types covered
  • We cover the replacement of a lost or stolen Rental Car key
  • Multi trips
  • We cover exorbitant rental company fees added to your repair bill
  • Local Rentals
  • We cover rentals for up to 45 days

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




請參閱產品披露聲明(PDS)以瞭解詳細的條款和條件。 您可以在CarInsuRent網站上閱讀產品披露聲明(PDS)。您也可以在保險購買頁面中找到,而且還隨附於您的保險確認郵件。


是的,我們的保險涵蓋在您的租賃期內因事故或車輛被盜而造成的保險杠損壞。 請參閱產品披露聲明(PDS)以瞭解詳細的條款和條件。


是的,保險涵蓋單一車事故(例如:倒下的樹或撞到交通標誌),以及因事故或車輛盜竊而帶來損壞的多車事故,賠償至多可達超額負價值。 保險計畫還涵蓋通常被租賃公司排除在外的損害,如輪胎、擋風玻璃、底盤和車頂的損壞。

Find the answers you’re looking for to the most frequently asked car hire insurance questions as well as other questions relating to our products and services.

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