This Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) aims to help you compare our product with other options you are evaluating and to make an informed decision on whether to purchase our product.

This document details the product’s coverage and the applicable terms and conditions. Please keep in mind that suggestions and opinions presented here are for broad cases only and do not consider your specific goals or situation.

This PDS also outlines the services CarInsuRent.com provides, the compensation the site receives for those services, and how complaints against the site can be handled.

Your contract with CarInsuRent.com is composed of this product disclosure statement, the Order Confirmation, and other documents we specify as part of your plan. Please keep these documents in a secure location.



To fully comprehend this insurance product’s main features, advantages, conditions, limits, and exclusions, you have to thoroughly read:

  • BUYING THIS PRODUCT – Crucial information about who can purchase a policy, the age limits and available plans, the applicable excesses, the coverage period, and cover extensions;
  •  The cover and maximum amount we will pay for each plan listed in the Table of Benefits, when we will reimburse a claim under each section that applies to your chosen cover (Your Policy Cover). For clarification of the meanings of some words, please see Definitions.
  •  Cases when we will not reimburse your claim under each section that applies to your chosen cover (Your Policy Cover) and General Exclusions Applicable to All Sections; and
  • CLAIMS – Relevant information about how we evaluate claims, as well as responsibilities that you have and that we have. If you do not fulfil your obligations, we may turn down your claim.



After receiving your application for a policy, we will confirm the details with you, including your coverage period, the premium, the applicable cover options and excesses, and whether any of the terms will be modified. These details will be included on your Certificate of Insurance.

This PDS details the cover we can provide you. It is up to you to determine if the benefit limits, the level, and the type of cover that suit your needs and are adequate for your possible loss. For questions, more information about the insurance or to confirm a transaction, you can find our contact details in this document.



We will state the premium for your policy during your application. This amount is determined by several things, such as your destination(s), total travel time, how many people will be covered by the policy, the ages of these people, and your chosen plan type. The amount of excess you need to pay is also considered during the calculation.



You have a cooling-off period even after you have bought your policy.

If you change your mind about the purchase, you may terminate it within 14 days after getting your Certificate of Insurance. You will receive a full refund of the paid premium as long as you have not begun your trip and do not plan to make any claim.

After this 14-day window, you can still terminate your policy but will not receive any refund.



This PDS may be updated occasionally by CarInsuRent.com if there are some changes that are legally required or allowed. We will provide you with a new PDS or an additional PDS that includes the updated information, except in rare situations. If the information is not considerably significant from the perspective of a rational person thinking of purchasing this product, CarInsuRent.com may provide you with a notification of the update.



This PDS was prepared on 1 November 2016.



Headings (if any) are only for reference and have no effect on the interpretation.

When the words or phrases listed below are in bold black font in this document, your Certificate of Insurance, and other documents We specify are part of your insurance policy, their meanings are as presented below. Singular and plural nouns are treated the same.


means an unanticipated event that has an external and observable cause.


means CarInsuRent Ltd.


can be any bicycle, tandem, tricycle, push scooter or trailer cycle sent into motion by human pedalling and/or battery.

Certificate of Insurance

is the documentation CarInsuRent gives you as confirmation of your policy and as a record of your coverage details.

Concealed storage compartment

refers to a trunk/boot, glove compartment, enclosed centre console or unexposed cargo storage area of a station wagon, sedan, van or hatchback.

Date of issue

means the date and time your Certificate of Insurance was issued.

Departure point

means the airport, station, port, terminal or vehicle rental company where you will pick up your hired vehicle to begin your trip.


is the amount we will deduct from what is payable under your plan for every incident that can be claimed.


includes any kind of personal decoration, such necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Excludes watches or articles of clothing.


refers to the trip that starts when you pick up the rental vehicle from the supplier you have a rental vehicle agreement with and ends when you give back the vehicle to said supplier or on the date stated on your Certificate of Insurance, whichever comes first.
If You have purchased an Annual policy it can be for a Vehicle Rental Agreement period not exceeding 45 consecutive days.
if You have purchased an Annual policy then cover will cease 365 days following the Pick Up Date set out on Your Certificate of Insurance.

Baggage and personal belongings

includes your trunks, suitcases, and other such containers, as well as the contents of these containers and items that you wear or carry with you. Excluded are bicycles, valuables, things you plan to sell, money, cheques, currency notes, bank notes, travel documents, passports, negotiable instruments, software, electronic data, intangible items, watercraft (except for surfboards), home appliances, furnishing, furniture, rented objects or any other objects stated as an exclusion on your Certificate of Insurance.

Nominated driver

is the person(s) whose mame(s) are listed on the rental vehicle agreement.


means Product Disclosure Statement.


refers to this PDS, Certificate of Insurance, and other written documents we tell you make up your policy.


means as determined by CarInsuRent.com in relation to the situation.


refers to parent, parent-in-law, step parent, step parent-in-law, sibling, sister/brother-in-law, spouse, child, child-in-law, step child, partner, fiancé(e), foster child, grandparent, grandchild or guardian.

Rental vehicle

refers to a sedan, hatchback, coupe, SUV, station wagon or four-wheel drive hired from a licensed rental vehicle supplier.

Travelling companion

refers to a person travelling with you for at least three-quarters of your trip and that you have made preparations with before the release of your policy.


Refers to leaving your baggage and personal belongings or valuables

  • Where they can be stolen without you noticing
  • Far enough from you that you are incapable of stopping them from being stolen
  • With someone not listed on your Certificate of Insurance or who is not your travelling companion or relative
  • With someone listed on your Certificate of Insurance or who is your travelling companion or relative but who is unable to keep your baggage, personal belongings or valuables closely guarded


refers to jewellery; watches; (semi)precious metals or stones; things that include or are made of (semi)precious metals or stones; furs; telescopes; binoculars; all kinds of computer, photographic, audio, video, TV, fax or phone equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, and MP3 or MP4 players.

We, our, us

CarInsuRent LTD.

Worldwide Territory

Includes all countries EXCEPT trips in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

You, your

refers to every person listed on the Certificate of Insurance.




The cover only applies if

You buy your policy before leaving your departure point; and



Travellers are 21–75 years old when the Certificate of Insurance is issued.



Your policy covers you only if you use or rent the Rental Vehicle in a country considered as a Worldwide Territory.

Your policy does not cover you if you use the Rental Vehicle in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan or Zimbabwe. The policy also does not your trip to a country or area if a local governmental or regulatory body has warned against non-essential travel or all travel to that location.

The policy does not cover your trip to a country or area if a local governmental or regulatory body has warned against non-essential travel or all travel to that location, even if you and your companions are listed on the Certificate of Insurance.



We will confirm your policy by issuing you a Certificate of Insurance. The coverage period is specified in this certificate.

Your cover starts when you pick up the rental vehicle from the supplier stated in your rental vehicle agreement, then ends when you return the vehicle to the said supplier or on the end date indicated on your Certificate of Insurance, whichever comes first.



You can request an extension of your cover by sending a request at least 7 days before the original expiry date. The extension is subject to our written authorisation and your payment of the added premium.

If we agree to extend the cover, we will provide you a new Certificate of Insurance. The cover period of the new certificate cannot be more than 12 months.

The cover is not subject for extension if you have not informed us of situations that have caused or may cause a claim under your initial policy


Your standard excess can be seen on your Certificate of Insurance.



The table below shows the cover under each plan and the maximum total amount we will reimburse for all claims under each section.

PLAN1.1 Rental Vehicle2.1 Baggage &
Excess*Personal Belongings*
Plan A / BUS$ 2,500US$ 1,500
Additional ExcessUS$ 3,500 – US$ 4,500US$ 1,500

* sub-limits apply — For details, see Your Policy Cover section of the PDS.



Both you and we have rights and obligations when it comes to your policy. Please read this PDS completely to know all of them, but some of the important ones you should know are stated below.



You are expected to exert all logical efforts to protect your baggage, personal belongings, and valuables. If you leave such items unattended in a public area, we will not reimburse your claim.



In case of a claim, you should notify CarInsuRent.com at once through our website.

Important: You are required to submit receipts and/or appraisals that prove the value of the item on the claim as well as your ownership of the said item. You need to submit receipts for all expenses included in your claim.

CarInsuRent.com will evaluate your claim within 5 working days of receiving your completed claim form and all needed documents. If more information is required, we will send you a written notice within 5 working days.



The highest total amount we will pay for all claims under each section is listed in the Table of Benefits for your chosen plan. Meanwhile, the reasons we will not pay can be found in General Exclusions Applicable to All Sections.



The cover and benefits discussed in this section are only applicable to the nominated driver.

Cover under this section is only available if your rental vehicle agreement states an excess, deductible or damage liability fee that must be paid if the hired vehicle is damaged or stolen while it is in your possession.

Other items covered by this section include the roof, undercarriage, tyres, auto glass, windscreens, bumpers, and trim if the rental vehicle supplier’s indemnity does not cover them in your agreement. However, our obligation in case of damage or loss will not exceed the amount of the excess, deductible or damage liability fee stated in your rental vehicle agreement, up to the limit displayed under your chosen plan in the Table of Benefits.


a] If during your insured period, the vehicle you rented

  • gets in a motor vehicle accident while being driven by you
  • gets damaged or stolen while in your possession then we will pay whichever is lower between
  •   the excess, deductible or damage liability fee your rental vehicle agreement states you must pay; or
  •   the property damage for which you are liable.


You are required to submit to us a copy of:

  • your rental vehicle agreement;
  •   the completed incident report;
  •   repair account;
  •   an itemised record of the damage value; and
  •   a written document from the rental car provider stating that you are required to pay the excess, deductible or damage liability fee.


b]  We will also pay up to an additional $500 to cover the cost of returning the rented vehicle to the nearest depot if your attending medical personnel provides a written confirmation that you have become unfit to drive.



Within legal boundaries, we will not reimburse a claim for the direct or indirect damage or loss of the rental vehicle

  1. due to your use of the rental vehicle in a way that violates your rental agreement;
  2. due to your use of the rental vehicle for a purpose that you do not have the necessary licence for; or
  3. if the rental company’s charges or fees are not part of the excess, deductible or damage liability fee stated in the rental vehicle
  4. We DO NOT cover Sand and Ash and Gravel damage in Iceland.



This section discusses the cover and benefits that a nominated driver and his passengers have.



a]  If your baggage, personal belongings or valuables are taken, permanently lost or unintentionally damaged during your trip, we will pay whichever of these is the lowest:

  •   the repair cost;
  •   the replacement cost;
  •   the cost for us to repair or replace the item(s) using trade discounts we have access to;
  •   the original purchase price; or
  •   the value after deducting depreciation due to age, wear, and tear.

(Exceptions: if the item is left in a motor vehicle, is a sporting equipment being used, or are valuables for transport in the cargo hold of an aircraft, ship, train, tram or bus)

We reserve the right to repair or replace the baggage and personal belongings or valuables instead of paying you.

The highest amount we will reimburse is $500 each person for all baggage and personal belongings combined.

b]  The insurance only covers baggage and personal belongings left in a motor vehicle during the daytime. The items should be in an unexposed compartment, the vehicle should be locked, and forced entry should have occurred.

c]  The insurance does not cover valuables left in a motor vehicle or checked in for transport in the cargo hold of any aircraft, ship, train, tram or bus. Loss from the time of check in until pick up from the baggage carousel or collection area at the end of your trip is also not covered.

d]  The insurance does not cover the loss of or damage to sporting equipment (including surfboards) while being used.



Within legal boundaries, we will not reimburse a claim for your baggage and personal belongings or valuables if:

a]   you do not inform the police or office of the transportation authority about the lost, stolen or misplaced item within 24 hours. As proof, you must submit to us a written documentation from whoever took your report;

b]   the loss, damage or theft involves intangible assets such as electronic data or software;

c]   the loss, damage or theft of the baggage and personal belongings or valuables happens after you have checked out of the hotel or motel room, or the items are left behind in an aircraft, train, tram, ship, taxi or bus

d]   the loss, damage or theft is to a watercraft that is not a surfboard;

e]   the items were being transported without you or through a freight service;

f]   the damage or loss stems from any cleaning, alteration or repair process;

g]   the damage or loss is due to deterioration, common wear and tear, rodents, vermin, insects or weather or atmospheric factors;

h]   the items were left unattended in a public area;

i]   the items have a mechanical or electrical defect;

j]   the items are delicate or brittle or an electronic part is damaged or scratched. The exception is if:

  • the item is the lens of a photo or video equipment, spectacles or binoculars, or
  • the damage is caused by a vehicular crash during your travel;

k]   the loss, damage or theft is of home appliances, furniture or furnishings.



We will reimburse you up to USD 500 (or the equivalent in other currencies) for each claim in any year for the replacement key of your rental vehicle, including the replacement locks and fees for the locksmith’s service.



Before anything else, confirm that you are covered by your policy by reading the related PDS section and the General Exclusions Applicable to All Sections to fully understand the coverage, especially the conditions, exclusions, and limitations.



You must file a claim as soon as possible by submitting a completed claim form. Our address and contact number can be found in this PDS.

If your claim is filed late or with not enough information for CarInsuRent.com to evaluate your claim, we can lower the payable amount depending on the inconvenience caused by the delay.

You are required to provide any information CarInsuRent.com requests within reason, at your expense, to back up your claim, such as medical reports, police reports, valuations, proof of purchase and ownership, original receipts, and even English translations of these documents, if needed.

You have to always cooperate with us by submitting supporting documents and other needed evidence.

a]  For lost or stolen baggage and personal belongings or valuables, immediately file a report with the police and get a written statement of your report.

b]  For baggage and personal belongings or valuables misplaced or damaged by the airline or other similar operator or by the lodging provider, report the incident to the proper authority and get a written report. Include their offered settlement, if any.



We make all payments in US dollars, directly to your specified PayPal account. We send the payment to you unless you tell us to pay another party. The currency exchange rate we will use is the one in effect at the time you had the expense.



You should not admit that the incident or accident that has caused your claim is your fault, and you should not offer or promise to pay or be involved in a lawsuit, without CarInsuRent.com’s approval.



If we are pursuing a claim in connection to the reimbursement we have to give or have given you, you should do everything possible to assist us in legal procedures. If you know someone that can compensate you or us, you must let us know.



If you can file a claim against someone else about the expense or loss covered by this insurance policy, you have to claim from them first. If they do not pay you in full, we will pay the difference.



If the coverage of this insurance policy overlaps with that of your other policy, you have to inform us. If one policy pays your claim in full, you cannot file a claim under the other insurance. If your other policy fails to pay your claim in full, we will pay you the difference up to the limit of this policy, as long as your claim is covered by us. You must provide us any reasonable information so we can file a claim from your other insurance policy.



We reserve the right to undertake on your behalf and in your name the control and settlement of proceedings that will aid us in securing compensation or indemnity from any party connected to anything covered by this policy. You must help and allow us to do everything we need to secure such compensation or indemnity from other parties we may become subrogated or entitled to, whether or not we have already reimbursed your claim and whether your reimbursement from us is full or partial. These rights remain whether your claim is reimbursed under an indemnity or non-indemnity clause of this insurance policy.



We will divide any compensation we get from another party under a right of subrogation in the following way:

1.  To us, our administration and legal costs related to the recovery.

2.  To us, equal to the amount we have reimbursed you.

3.  To you, your uninsured loss minus your excess.

4.  To you, your excess.

After you are paid, we keep all the remaining money.

If you receive compensation from a third party for the loss or damage we have paid you for, you have to transfer that payment to us, up to the claim amount we have paid you.

If you recover or receive a third-party replacement for an item we have already reimbursed you for, you have to pay us back the amount of the claim we gave you.



These conditions are applicable to all sections of this insurance policy.


  1. Keeping to the terms of Your policy.

This policy only covers you if you satisfy all the terms and conditions specified in this PDS.

  1. Number of Rental Vehicles.

The policy only covers one rental vehicle, which may be driven by you or any other driver listed on your vehicle rental agreement. The cover will start when you pick up the vehicle and end when the vehicle has been returned.

  1. Purchase of Policy.

This policy must already have been bought before the starting date listed on the vehicle rental agreement associated with this policy.

  1. Provision of Accurate Information.

The cover, terms, and premium of this policy were based on information that you have given us. You need to be careful when answering questions so that all information will be correct and complete. It is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible if any of the information you have given us needs to be changed.

The cover will become void if you intentionally or carelessly provide wrong information at any time.

  1. Jurisdiction and Law.

This insurance policy is governed by and interpreted according to the laws of England and Wales, whose courts alone have authority in any disagreement resulting from this policy.

  1. Driving Licence.

You and all other nominated drivers are required to have a valid driver’s licence or a full internationally recognised licence.

  1. Care of Vehicle.

You are expected to exert reasonable effort to protect the rental car against damage and loss.



These General Exclusions apply to the whole policy, on top of “What is Not Insured” found in each section.

Your policy does NOT cover liabilities directly or indirectly resulting from the following:


  1. Fraudulent/Dishonest/Criminal Acts.

Any criminal, fraudulent or unethical act done by you or by another person with your involvement, in situations that may result in an insurance claim.

  1. Violation of Rental Agreement Terms.

Using the rental vehicle in a way that violates the terms of the vehicle rental agreement.

  1. Unauthorised Drivers.

The rental vehicle being driven by someone who is not a nominated driver specified on the vehicle rental agreement or by someone without a valid driver’s licence.

  1. Unacceptable Vehicle.
  • Rental vehicles that are not licensed to be used on roads
  • Trailers or caravans
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Motor homes
  • Camper vans (unless you have purchased cover under Section 22)
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Vans or loan vehicles
  • Passenger vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Motorbikes
  • Mopeds
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Vehicles with more than 9 seats 
  1. Competition and Performance Driving.

Using the rental vehicle in races or on a motor sport circuit, or for trials, rallying, rallies or speed testing.

  1. Injury, Illness, Drink/Drugs.

Self-caused injury or sickness, alcoholism, drug use, and exposure of one’s self to unnecessary danger. Excludes the use of drugs prescribed by registered physicians (but not for treating drug addiction) and danger related to trying to save a person’s life.

  1. Alcohol Limit.

A nominated driver driving a vehicle while his/her blood alcohol level is above the legal limit of the country he/she is in.

  1. Radioactivity, Nuclear.

From damage to property, loss or exposure caused by:

  1. a) Pionising radiation or radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel or any waste and nuclear fuel combustion; or
  2. b) radioactive, explosive, toxic and other dangerous properties or any explosive nuclear assembly or its nuclear component.
  3. War and Hostilities.

Damage or loss brought about by a declared or undeclared war, invasion, civil war, foreign enemies, hostilities, terrorism, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or seized power or confiscation or nationalisation or requisition or damage to property by any government, public or local authority.

  1. Other Insurance.

The amount of indemnity you can claim from another insurer, even if that insurer refuses or fails to pay for whatever reason.

  1. Rental Vehicle Interior.

Loss or damage to the vehicle’s interior that is not related to a collision. 

  1. Benefits payable by laws.

Benefits provided by laws such as the uninsured or underinsured motorist law, no-fault law or first party benefit law.

  1. Fines, Penalties etc.

Fines, penalties, and other kinds of punishment or reward that do not pay the party that benefits from the reward or that receives the judgment for the damage or loss that happened.

  1. Wear and Tear.

Mechanical damage caused by aging and ordinary use. 

  1. Off Road.

Damage caused by off-road driving on rough terrain. 

  1. Payment of Premium.

If you have not paid for the full premium or additional premium. 

  1. Fines.

Any fines or costs related to the rental vehicle being impounded.

  1. Additional Drivers.

We will not reimburse a claim if the accident or incident happens between the Policyholder and other Policyholders.

  1. Sanctions.

We are not required to provide cover, benefit or reimbursements if that would cause us or any of our group companies to directly or indirectly violate any economic or trade measures.

  1. Territories.

We will not pay any claim related to your trip to a particular country or area if a local governmental or regulatory body has warned against non-essential travel or all travel to that location.