Car Hire Excess Insurance

Our Benefits


We reimburse your excess

If your hire car is involved in an accident or is stolen while in your care, we will reimburse you for the excess charged by the rental company


We cover damages excluded by others

We cover damages excluded by others – We also reimburse charges billed to you due to damage to the rental car’s windscreen, auto glass, tyres, undercarriage or roof.


All welcome

Not EU or UK resident, not a problem! Non-EU or non-UK residents can also purchase a policy.

Explore the best offers and benefits using our services

  • We cover all nominated drivers
  • Fast Claims
  • We cover single-vehicle accidents
  • Worldwide cover
  • We cover baggage and personal belongings
  • Many vehicle types covered
  • We cover the replacement of a lost or stolen Rental Car key
  • Multi trips
  • We cover exorbitant rental company fees added to your repair bill
  • Local Rentals
  • We cover rentals for up to 45 days

We have a wide range of excess insurance options


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Compatible with ALL major car rental companies WORLDWIDE!

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Customers Reviews

I wholeheartedly recommend CarInsuRent. Their response time was exceptionally prompt. They requested standard documentation and photos of the damage, and I received payment directly to my PayPal account almost immediately.

I am a new customer and they handled my claim with no issues for the full amount I was charged. All by email. They even took action against the hire car company in Heathrow who were overcharging me for something really minor! Thanks for your support.

Got an insurance for rental car in Iceland, while on the trip I had a tire damage that was not covered by the car rental company.
Emailed a claim to CarInsuRent and got the payment fully covered without any problem.
Make sure you take photos of everything before and after.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I buy a plan when I pick up my rental car?

No. You should purchase a policy before starting your travel.

Can I buy a plan for part of my rental only?

No. We provide a single journey plan. You are covered from the time you pick up the rental car up to the time you return it or on the last date written on your Certificate of Insurance, whichever comes first.

Can I cancel my policy before my trip?

You can cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving your PDS and Certificate of Insurance. The premium you have paid will be refunded to you in full, as long as you have not started your trip and do not want to file a claim of any sort related to the policy. Once this 14-day period has passed, you can still cancel your policy but you will not receive any refund.

Find the answers you’re looking for to the most frequently asked car hire insurance questions as well as other questions relating to our products and services.

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