Hertz Cancellation Policy: : What You Need to Know

PUBLISHED ON Jun, 29 2023


Introduction: Understanding the Hertz Cancellation Policy is crucial when making car rental reservations. This article provides comprehensive information about Hertz’s cancellation policy, including reservation modifications, fees, and important considerations. By knowing the ins and outs of the policy, you can make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary charges. Whether you need to cancel or modify a Hertz reservation, this article will guide you through the process with practical advice and helpful tips.

Changes to Reservations

Making changes to your Hertz reservation is possible through online or phone channels. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Online changes: Hertz allows up to two changes to a reservation without any modification administration charges. You can modify various aspects, including drop-off location, pick-up date and time, vehicle group, and more.
  • Phone changes: While no modification administration charge applies to online changes, calling the Internet Helpdesk may incur an administration charge. The recalculated price for changes made online or by phone depends on availability and current rates.
  • Limitations: The lead customer name and pick-up location cannot be changed. To modify these details, you must cancel the reservation and make a new one.
  • Credit card update: When changing a prepaid reservation, you must use the same credit card as the original booking. Changing the credit card requires canceling the reservation and creating a new one.
  • Availability limitations: If no cars or prepaid rates are available for your desired location or date, consider adjusting the dates or pick-up location.


To cancel a prepaid Hertz reservation, follow these guidelines:

  • Online cancellation: You can cancel a prepaid reservation through the ‘Modify/Cancel’ reservation page on the Hertz website.
  • Phone cancellation: Alternatively, you can cancel by calling the Internet Helpdesk.
  • Refund policy: A full refund of the prepaid reservation amount is possible if the cancellation is made no later than midnight two days before the scheduled pick-up date.
  • Administration charge: In case of cancellation, an administration charge will apply, typically ranging from EUR 45.00 to GBP 30.00, depending on the reservation.
  • Cancellation limitations: It’s important to note that some reservation details, such as the lead customer name and pick-up location, cannot be changed but require cancellation and rebooking.

Final Word

Understanding Hertz’s Cancellation Policy empowers you to navigate reservation changes effectively. Remember the following key principles:

  • Online modifications: Make changes to your reservation online to avoid modification administration charges.
  • Credit card consistency: Use the same credit card for changes as the one used for the original booking.
  • Refund deadlines: Ensure you cancel prepaid reservations at least two days before the scheduled pick-up to receive a full refund.
  • Limitations: The lead customer name and pick-up location cannot be modified; you must cancel and rebook in such cases.


Can I add my Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number to an existing reservation?

No, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards numbers cannot be added to an existing reservation online. Please contact Hertz’s customer support for assistance.

How can I avoid cancellation fees with Hertz Pay Later reservations?

To avoid cancellation fees, make sure to cancel your Hertz Pay Later reservation before the scheduled pickup time. Failure to do so may result in a no-show fee.

What should I do if there are no prepaid rates available for my desired location or date?

If you encounter the message “No prepaid available,” consider canceling the original reservation and exploring non-prepaid rate options. This allows you to secure a reservation for your desired location and date.

Please note that the information provided is based on Hertz’s official rental terms and conditions. It is always recommended to review the specific terms and contact Hertz for any clarifications or updates.

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