Driving Around Belgium by Car

PUBLISHED ON Jan, 20 2023


Belgium is a European country with a rich culture and tradition. Situated in the northwestern part of the continent, and with France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands as its neighbors, this country features a lot of interesting places and impressive medieval architecture to see.



Brussels is a modern city that is both electrifying and charming. No wonder it is a crossroad for the entire European continent. Renting a car in this city allows you to experience Belgium with flexibility. You can even visit France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

In Brussels, you can easily pick up your car hire at the airport or with any of our partners in the city center. If you’re renting for a longer term, you can get a better deal with Peugeot Leasing with a pick-up from Belgium or from other designated spots in Europe.

Because the city center of Brussels is pentagon-shaped, all roads will take you to the Grand Palace (also known as Grote Markt), the heart of Brussels. This market square is the center of tourism and one of the most gorgeous town squares in all of Europe. Here, you can experience the Gothic appeal of the Town Hall and other 16th and 17th century buildings, as well as wonderful guild houses and trendy establishments.

Renting a car in Brussels will give you the freedom to go on day trips to Bruges, Liege, and Ghent, and even to Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and other popular places in Europe. Traveling with the family? You can easily drive your rental car to enjoy the day at Bruparck, a theme park that is popular among tourists. Catch a movie at a huge cinema, have fun at the Oceandium water park, and see the World Exhibition of 1958. Those are just some of your options.

If you’re one of those people who love taking tons of pictures, hop over to Mini Europa. Here, you will find miniatures of iconic European spots, such as the Palace of Westminster in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Brussels City Hall. There are fireworks displays at night, so you can end the day with a blast, literally. You can also book a guide to take you around the Brouwerij Belle Vue Brewery, then taste some authentic Belgian beer.


The city of Antwerp is steeped in history. Here, you will find a lot of art galleries as well as magnificent castles. However, going around the city by taxi is both costly and inconvenient, as taxis are only available in certain places. It is better to just rent a car. Driving around is easier in Antwerp than in other European areas, anyway, and you can find a lot of free parking spots. You can easily pick up your vehicle from the Antwerp airport or from many other depots in the city.

If you love museums, you will definitely love Antwerp. With your hire car, you can explore the many museums the city has to offer, all without worrying about time constraints and schedules. You can start with the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which is one of the top museums in the country and of the most important in the continent. Here, you can view more than 7000 artworks. Another must-see museum is Ruben’s House Museum, a Baroque-style house designed by the great artist Ruben. This museum shows how high-class people in the 17th century lived and also displays the masterpieces of Ruben and the artists he mentored.

Antwerp is also known for its diamonds. The city is the source of more than 70% of the world’s diamonds — more than 80% of the rough diamonds and 50% of the cut ones. Needless to say, you should drop by the Diamond Museum. As the largest one worldwide, the museum will take you through this popular gem’s history. You can even see some from the 16th century! And if looking at all that sparkle leaves you wanting more, you can always drop by the showroom Diamondland. They are open the entire week.

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of amazing architecture, be sure to check out the Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady, the biggest Gothic church. This cathedral has seven aisles, 125 pillars, one of the highest church spires, and several artworks of Ruben.


When you’re driving around in a foreign country, it is important to know the traffic rules and regulations. Different countries have different rules, so we have created a driving tips page listing what you need to know when you’re driving in Belgium.


You need a full valid driver’s license for at least 1 year. People who have an Australian driver’s license also needs an International Drivers Licence.


The minimum age is typically 21, but this can differ depending on the location and the rental car company. Some locations have maximum age limits, so a young/senior driver may pay an additional fee. Please read the terms and conditions when booking or enquiring.


Because speeding-related accidents are common in Belgium, there are traps, speed cameras, and unmarked police to catch drivers who go beyond the speed limit. Violators are heavily fined instantly.

Unless signed, the speed limits are as follows:

  • Urban/Developed Areas: 50 kph (30 kph in school zones)
  • National Roads: 70-90 kph
  • Highways: 120 kph

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