Hiring A Car And Driving Around In Austria

PUBLISHED ON Jan, 20 2023


If you’re looking for a vacation destination that features a beautiful culture as well as gorgeous sights, Austria is the place to go.

For many people, Austria is one of the most influential European countries when it comes to culture. The nation’s history is teeming with musical excellence and breathtaking architecture. There is also the Alpine landscape, one of the most stunning in the world.


With a hire car, you can experience four of the best cities in Austria: Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Graz. Aside from these amazing locales, you can also enjoy the country’s natural beauty and landscapes. There are plenty of unspoiled lakes and rivers, as well as ancient forests to see. Adventure-seekers will have an unforgettable time skiing in the Alps and indulging in other winter sports.

The capital city, Vienna, is a clean, well-planned, and welcoming city that is ideal for vacations. Thanks to its good roads, you will have a smooth time exploring the area with your Vienna Car Hire. You can drop by the Museum of Fine Art and Imperial Treasury. If you’re into palaces, be sure to check out Schloss Schonbrunn, one of the most majestic palaces Europe has to offer. Its impressive architecture, immense gardens, and longstanding zoo (the oldest in Europe!) will surely make an impact.

You can also drive your rented car to Salzburg, where you can see Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg Cathedral, and Hellbrunn Castle. If you choose to go to Innsbruck instead, sites to see are Hofkirche Cathedral and the Alpine Zoo. Ganz, on the other hand, while less popular than the previous three cities, is also worth a visit. This city on the southeastern part of Austria houses awe-inspiring castles, art and theater-related spots, as well as the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II.


You can pick up your Vienna Car Hire the moment you arrive in Vienna — whether you get there by plane or by train. With a rental car, you have flexibility. You can thoroughly enjoy your time exploring the countryside, going through vineyards, and sightseeing along the Danube. You can also drop by the Wachau Valley or Melk, which is a must-see place for its castles, monasteries, and timeworn ruins.

In the cultural city of Vienna, there is always some music performance happening at night — from the Vienna Boys Choir to concerts featuring the works of Wagner, Strauss or Mozart to more diverse kinds of orchestral gatherings. You can also watch shows of the Lipizzaner Stallions at the Spanish Riding School, where Renaissance horsemanship is not just preserved but also cultivated. Another highly recommended destination in the city is the Schonbrunn Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site treasured by the locals. Here, you can watch concerts and learn about the lifestyles and leisure times of Austrian royalty.

Another unique thing about Vienna is that here, you can rent a car and travel into Eastern Europe. That is not something you can do in all European cities.


Salzburg, dubbed the “City of Music” and deemed one of the most beautiful cities in the world, offers magnificent architecture and a commanding fortress. You can take your Salzburg Car Hire to Vienna, Innsbruck or Graz, or just rent a car in the farther areas in Austria.

The Salzach River divides Salzburg into the old part and the new part. This means there are a lot of different things to experience in Salzburg! In the old part, you can have fun shopping, especially if you are into Christmas and Easter decors and the usual Austrian goods. There are also many cafes nearby, tempting you to sample the area’s specialties, such as Hotel Sacher’s Sacher Torte or Mozart Ball from Furst Chocolate.

Other must-see spots include Mozart’s birthplace and the Mozart Museum. Visitors also flock to the majestic churches in the town and even the town’s cemetery, which is full of unbelievable flowers during spring. You can also check out the charming fountains and garden beds at the Mirabelle Gardens. This is the perfect spot to just observe people, take a leisurely stroll or view some interesting artwork done by local artists (and perhaps even chat with these friendly artists).

Salzburg is also a short distance away from other interesting places, such as Bad Duerrnberg Salt Mines and the Untersberg Cableway. The famous Bad Reichenhall is also just a 20-minute drive away in your rental car.

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