How to Get Out Of a Speeding Ticket: The Ultimate Tip

PUBLISHED ON Jan, 11 2024


Every day tens if not hundreds of people get a speeding ticket – with many of them getting the report because they were caught on a speed camera. When driving, you don’t want to see those flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, especially if you’re driving a little too aggressively. You might even experience a brief panic attack while being pulled over. Did a red light camera catch you? How quickly did the policeman see you moving? And the main worry you probably have is if you’ll get a speeding ticket or not.

But did you know there is a way to avoid those heavy knocks that come along with speeding?

Here is the ultimate trick that will help you never have to worry about being caught speeding. It’s very easy to do, and best of all, the method behind the trick works internationally – in every country in the world!

This is how you will smartly avoid a speeding report

1. Look carefully at the signs on the road that show the speed limit. The number that appears indicates the maximum speed allowed. It doesn’t matter if you are on foot, cycling or driving a car.

Speed sign

2. Try to locate the speedometer in your car. Usually it will be in front of the driver’s seat, on the dashboard. It has an arrow that points to a number that shows the speed at which the vehicle is traveling. In new cars, the speed is sometimes displayed digitally, with numbers.


3. The last point is also the most difficult. Adjust your speed according to the number that appears on the road sign. The police can’t give you a report if you don’t drive over that number.

Strangely, very few people seem to be aware of this ingenious and simple “trick”. And best of all, if you do this trick regularly, you’ll never have to pay another fine again.

Better yet – the road will be much safer for everyone.

Have a safe ride, and if you are renting a car, don’t forget to purchase car rental excess insurance to reduce your excess to zero!


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