Car Rental Extensions: How to Extend Your Car Rental

PUBLISHED ON Jun, 19 2023

UPDATED ON Mar, 26 2024


Renting a car comes with flexibility, and sometimes you might need to keep it longer than initially planned. This article will provide you with crucial information about extending your car rental period, focusing on various rental companies, including Hertz.

Why You Need a Car Rental Extension

Renting a car is a great convenience for many travelers and business professionals. But what if your plans change and you need the rental vehicle for a longer duration? This is where a car rental extension comes in. Here are some common scenarios where you might need a car rental extension:

  1. Extended Business Trip: Business trips often get extended due to unforeseen circumstances or last-minute meetings. In such cases, extending your car rental allows you to keep the vehicle and travel as per your updated schedule.
  2. Delayed Flight: If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, you might need to keep the rental car for an additional day or two. Extending your rental can provide the extra transportation you need during this time.
  3. Road Trips: If you’re on a leisure trip and want to explore more places or decide to stay longer, extending your car rental gives you the flexibility to modify your plans.
  4. Vehicle Breakdown: If your personal vehicle has broken down and is under repair, extending your car rental allows you to have a vehicle at your disposal until your own is ready.
  5. Accommodation in a New City: If you’ve moved to a new city and are still getting acclimatized, having a rental car can ease the process of commuting and exploration. In such cases, you may need to extend the car rental until you make permanent transportation arrangements.

So, whether it’s a spontaneous decision to explore a few more days, a delayed flight, or an extended business trip, a car rental extension ensures you’re not left stranded without a vehicle.

Returning a rental car late without clearing it with the rental company is a sure way to get stuck with a big fee. Always communicate with your rental company as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements before the originally scheduled return time, and avoid any late return penalties.

Understanding Rental Extension Policies

Most car rental companies have policies in place to accommodate extension requests, allowing customers to make additional expected rental changes and retain the vehicle for longer periods. However, it’s essential to notify the company to avoid potential issues such as additional charges or unauthorized use.

  • Inform in Advance: Notify the company as soon as you realize you need to extend. This helps avoid late return fees and gives the company a chance to adjust their vehicle inventory.
  • Know the Terms: Every company has its own policies. For example, when you want to “hertz rental car extention”, you must call their customer service or manage your reservation online to request an extension.
  • Prepare for Additional Charges: Extensions usually come with additional costs. It’s crucial to inquire about these costs to avoid unexpected charges.

How to extend your rental before your trip starts

Opting to extend your car rental period before your trip starts can give you peace of mind during your journey. Here’s an overview of how you can ensure a smooth process:

  1. Review Rental Policy: Before booking, review the car rental company’s policy regarding extensions. Make sure they offer flexibility and the possibility of extensions, whether it’s “hertz extend rental” or “avis rental extension”.
  2. Early Communication: If you know that you’ll need to extend your rental period, communicate this as early as possible to the rental company. This ensures they can reserve the vehicle for you and won’t rent it out to someone else.
  3. Online Extensions: Many car rental companies, such as “enterprise rental extension” and “budget car rental extension,” offer online platforms where you can modify your booking and extend the rental period.
  4. Phone Call: You can also extend your rental period by calling the rental company’s customer service. This is common with “alamo extend rental” and “fox car rental extension”.
  5. Agree on New Terms: Once your extension is approved, the rental company will provide you with new rental terms and conditions that you need to agree to. This could include an updated return date and additional costs.

Knowing how to extend your rental before your trip starts can help you avoid last-minute stress and potential penalties. Just remember to review your new rental agreement carefully to understand the additional charges and terms.

How to extend your rental when you pick up the car

Once you’ve reached your destination and you’re about to pick up your rental car, it’s not too late to extend your rental period. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Inform the Agent: As soon as you arrive at the counter to pick up your car, inform the agent about your plans to extend the rental. Companies like “avis rental extension” or “thrifty car rental extension” have trained staff who can help adjust your contract.
  2. Review Updated Terms: The agent will provide you with the updated rental agreement that includes the new return date and any additional charges. This is common across most rental services, including “hertz extend rental” and “enterprise rental extension.”
  3. Update Payment Information: Ensure you have enough funds on your credit card to cover the additional rental days. Remember, your card might be charged immediately for the extension.
  4. Receive Confirmation: Once everything is processed, you’ll receive an updated contract or a confirmation email, especially if you’re dealing with digital-forward companies like “sixt extend rental” or “fox car rental extension.”
  5. Double-Check Car Availability: In peak seasons, extending your rental might be tricky due to high demand. If your company can’t extend your current car’s booking, they might offer a different car for the extended period.

Extending your rental when picking up the car is relatively straightforward, but always make sure to inform the rental company as soon as possible to secure your extension.

How to extend your rental when you already have the car

If you decide to extend your rental while you are renting the car, the additional days will be charged at a last-minute day rate, which will be more expensive than if you booked in advance.

We’ve listed below the rental extension procedure with the major car rental companies:

Alamo Rental Extension

  • Reservations can be modified or cancelled online.
  • You can also call the Alamo location where you picked up your car and ask for an extension. The national customer service number is (800) 462-5266.

Avis Rental Extension

Avis car rental makes the extension process quite straightforward. If you’ve rented the car directly from Avis, you can modify your reservation online or contact their customer service.

  • Flexibility: Avis offers various extension options, making it easier for renters to retain vehicles as per their changing schedules.
  • Charges: The cost of “avis rental extension” varies depending on the length and location of the extension.
  • You can also call Avis at (888) 897-8448 and follow the prompts from the automated operator.
  • Alternatively, you can extend your car rental on the Avis app.

Budget Rental Car Extension

Extending your rental with Budget is a straightforward process that allows you to keep your vehicle for a longer period. Here’s what you need to know about extending your rental with Budget:

  1. Early Notification: If you realize that you need to extend your rental period, it’s essential to contact Budget as soon as possible. You can reach out to their customer service team at (800) 824-6287.
  2. Flexible Options: Budget offers flexibility when it comes to rental extensions. While the standard fleet is not reservable by specific make and model, they have a “Street Fleet” that allows you to book a specific car from a selection of vehicles. However, keep in mind that availability is subject to the specific location and the choices made by other renters.
  3. Adjustments to Rates: Extending your rental may result in adjustments to your rental agreement, including changes to rates and additional fees. Budget’s rate terms apply to each specific rental, and modifying your rental parameters, such as pick-up dates or times, may affect the rate.
  4. Contact Budget: To request a rental extension with Budget, contact their customer service team using the phone number provided on their website. Be prepared to provide the necessary information, such as your rental agreement number (RA#), to facilitate the process. You can also try to modify your reservation online.

Remember to contact Budget promptly and discuss your extension needs to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any potential complications. Their customer service representatives will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary information based on your specific rental agreement.

Dollar Car Rental Extension

If you need to extend your Dollar car rental, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Corporate Rental Extension: Dollar Rent A Car allows extensions for corporate rentals under specific conditions. To extend a corporate rental, the travel manager, travel coordinator, or company travel agency must contact Dollar’s On-Rent Help Desk with the necessary information, including the renter’s full name, relationship to the renter, return phone number, and the vehicle rental agreement number (RA#). Please note that if the renter is overdue, only the renter themselves can extend the rental.
  2. Contact the On-Rent Help Desk: To request a rental extension with Dollar, corporate customers and other renters can contact the On-Rent Help Desk at 1-866-434-222. The customer service representatives will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary assistance.
  3. Flexibility and Options: Dollar offers a wide range of rental options, including quality vehicles at competitive prices. Whether you need a vehicle for business travel or a family-friendly rental, Dollar has you covered. With over 600 car rental locations in 53 countries, you can find a convenient pickup and drop-off location.
  4. Dollar Mobile App: Consider using the Dollar Car Rental mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, to manage your reservation, view, modify, or cancel bookings, and access exclusive deals. The app offers convenience and access to your rental information on the go.

Remember to contact Dollar promptly if you need to extend your rental and provide them with the necessary details. Their customer service team will assist you in extending your rental period and answer any questions you may have.

Enterprise Rental Extension

For an “enterprise rental extension”, you can simply contact their customer service. They also allow changes through the Enterprise mobile app or website.

  • Advance Notice: Notify Enterprise as soon as possible to increase the chances of a successful extension.
  • Costs: When extending a rental, the branch will need to place an additional authorization on your credit or debit card. The cost of extension depends on several factors, such as rental location and extension duration.
  • For airport locations, call (844) 515-1345. If you rented from a non-airport location, contact the renting location directly. The phone number for the location is at the top of your rental contract.

Fox Car Rental Extension

Fox Rent A Car offers a flexible approach to car rental extensions, keeping the process straightforward for their customers. Here’s what you need to know when considering a Fox car rental extension:

  1. Contact Fox: The moment you realize you’ll need your rental car longer than initially planned, get in touch with Fox Rent A Car. They have a dedicated customer service line for rental extensions. Extend online or call (855) 484-8624.
  2. Adjust Your Rental Agreement: Once you’ve informed Fox about your plans, they’ll help you modify your existing rental agreement. The new agreement will detail the extra days and any additional charges.
  3. Consider Insurance Implications: If you initially purchased rental insurance through Fox, make sure to check whether your insurance coverage also extends for the additional rental days.
  4. Confirm Your Extension: After everything has been discussed and agreed upon, you’ll receive an updated confirmation reflecting your rental extension.
  5. Return the Vehicle: Finally, ensure to return the vehicle on the new agreed date to avoid any further charges.

Remember, extending your rental deal with Fox should be a fairly easy process as long as you communicate your plans promptly.

Hertz Car Rental Extension

Hertz is one of the world’s leading car rental services, and their approach to rental extensions is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. When planning a Hertz car rental extension, keep in mind the following key points:

  1. Immediate Notification: If you realize you will need the rental for a longer duration, contact Hertz immediately. This helps to update your agreement smoothly and avoids possible penalties for late return. Call (800) 654-4174. You can also extend your car rental online or extend your rental from the Hertz app.
  2. Rental Agreement Modification: Hertz will help you modify your existing rental agreement to accommodate the extension. This may include adjustments in rates or additional charges.
  3. Insurance Coverage: If you’ve availed car rental insurance through Hertz, inquire about extending the insurance coverage for the additional rental period. This is essential to remain protected against potential damages or liabilities.
  4. Confirmation of Extension: Upon agreement on the new terms, Hertz will provide you with an updated confirmation, reflecting your rental extension.
  5. Return on the New Date: Ensure you return the vehicle on the newly agreed date to avoid any further penalties or charges.

It’s worth noting that Hertz prides itself on its customer service, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any queries or concerns regarding your extension.

National Car Rental Extension

Renowned for its smooth and customer-friendly service, National Car Rental provides a straightforward process for extending your rental period. Below are the crucial points to remember while opting for a National car rental extension:

  1. Contact as Soon as Possible: National recommends getting in touch as soon as you know you’ll need the rental car for a longer duration. This way, the company can make the necessary arrangements to keep your vehicle with you. Call (844) 393 9989. Alternatively, you can extend your car rental on the National app.
  2. Review Changes in Terms: Your rental agreement may be subject to changes, including rental rates, for the extended period. Ensure you review these changes before agreeing to the extension.
  3. Ensure Insurance Coverage: If you have taken insurance coverage from National, ensure it covers the extended rental period. If not, you may need to extend it separately.
  4. Receive Confirmation: National will provide a new confirmation reflecting your rental extension. Ensure to keep this handy as proof of your agreed extension.
  5. Return by the New Due Date: Avoid extra charges by returning the vehicle on the newly agreed-upon date.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to National’s customer service for any queries related to your rental extension. They are known for their accommodating and helpful support.

Payless Car Rental Extension

At Payless Car Rental, the process to extend your rental period is straightforward and customer-friendly. Here are some important points to remember if you wish to extend your rental agreement with Payless:

  1. Early Notification is Key: Inform Payless about your intention to extend the rental agreement as soon as possible. This allows Payless to make the necessary arrangements for you to keep your car longer. Call (800) 729-5377, then press option 1, then press option 2 to be connected to an agent.
  2. Agreement Changes: Be prepared for the rental rates and terms to change for the extended period. Make sure you understand and agree with these changes before proceeding with the extension.
  3. Insurance Coverage: If you have rental car insurance coverage from Payless or an independent provider, verify that it will cover the extended rental period. If it does not, you will need to extend the insurance coverage separately.
  4. Confirmation of Extension: After your extension has been processed, Payless will give you a new rental agreement reflecting the changes. Keep this document as proof of the agreed-upon extension.
  5. Return by the Extended Due Date: Avoid any late return fees by bringing the car back on the revised due date.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding the extension process, don’t hesitate to contact Payless Car Rental’s customer service. They are available to assist and make your car rental experience hassle-free.

Sixt Rental Extension

If you’re renting a car from Sixt and find yourself needing to extend your rental period, the process is generally straightforward. Here are the key steps to follow for a rental extension with Sixt:

  1. Early Communication: It’s important to notify Sixt as early as possible about your intention to extend the rental. Contact their customer service or visit a Sixt location to discuss your request.  Call (888) 749-8227, then press 1 for English, then press 2 to extend your rental.
  2. Agreement Modifications: Understand that extending your rental may result in changes to the rental rates and terms. Discuss the details with Sixt to ensure you are aware of any adjustments and agree to them.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Check your rental Sixt Loss Damage Waiver policy to confirm if it covers the extended rental period. If not, you may need to extend your insurance coverage separately.
  4. New Rental Agreement: Once the extension is confirmed, Sixt will provide you with a new rental agreement reflecting the revised rental period and any associated changes. Review this document carefully and keep it for your records.
  5. Timely Return: Make sure to return the vehicle by the revised due date to avoid any late fees or penalties.

If you have any questions or need assistance during the rental extension process, reach out to Sixt’s customer service. They are there to help ensure a smooth and seamless rental experience.

Thrifty Car Rental Extension

If you’re renting a car from Thrifty and find yourself in need of extending your rental period, the process can be easily managed. Here are the key steps to follow for a rental extension with Thrifty:

  1. Early Notification: Notify Thrifty as soon as possible about your intention to extend the rental. Contact their On-Rent Help Desk at 1-877-283-0898 to discuss your request. They will guide you through the process and provide any necessary updates or changes.
  2. Extension Options: Thrifty offers options to extend your rental, whether it’s through the renter directly or through a travel manager, coordinator, or company travel agency if booked under certain requirements3]. Ensure you have the necessary information, including the rental agreement number (RA#), when contacting Thrifty car rental extension.
  3. Fees and Adjustments: Understand that extending your rental may result in additional charges and adjustments to your rental agreement. Thrifty has policies in place for early returns, late returns, and changes to return location or date/time, which may involve fees.

Remember to communicate with Thrifty promptly to ensure a smooth rental extension experience. Their customer service team is available to assist you and provide the necessary guidance for your specific situation.

Extending Your Your Car Hire Excess Insurance Policy

In case you extend you rental, it is important to extend your car hire excess insurance as well. By extending your car hire excess insurance policy along with your rental, you prolong the period during which you’re protected against hefty excess charges in case of damage or theft. If you opt to CarInsuRent annual car hire excess insurance you don’t need to inform us about the extended rental, as long as your policy is effective during your extended rental.

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Final Word

Extending a car rental period doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Ensure you understand the car rental company’s policy, notify them as soon as possible, and prepare for any additional charges. Clear communication and understanding of terms are crucial.


Can I extend my car rental on the day it’s due?

Yes, many companies allow same-day extensions. However, it’s advisable to inform the company as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

What happens if I fail to notify the rental company about the extension?

Failure to notify can lead to additional charges, or in worst cases, the company might report the car as stolen.

Is there a limit on how long I can extend my rental period?

This depends on the company’s policy. Some companies might have a limit, while others allow long-term rentals. It’s best to check with the company.

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